Project 7 - Build a better web calander

I have my students schedule appointments with me on the web.  That way I don't have to negotiate with them through email, and they don't have to just turn up & wait if someone else got to me first.  Brilliant!

But the problem is, the only program I found for doing this isn't very good.  It's called Web Cal, and here's my page (only visible from university.  JJB's WebCal Page.

What I'd like is for something similar (e.g. has day and month views), but I'd like a more intuitive interface for adding appointments (say, something like Palm OS's calander.)  Just click on a slot and write.  Also, I'd like to be able to have repeating appointments & say for how long they should repeat (give an end date.)  This is also like the Palm OS calander.

I'd like to be the only one who can write on a day by default, but to able to make some slots publicly writeable -- like my office hours.   This would stop people from adding themselves into times I'm not actually available.

When someone besides me makes an appointment, I'd like it to be password protected, so other people can't delete it!  But as the calander owner, I'd like to be able to change and delete it -- sort of like a unix superuser.

Warning about this project -- I am not much of a web hacker myself, so you would have to figure out the technology yourself.  I think you can download webcal's source, or you could start from scratch, or from another calander (e.g. i-cal, which Dr. Barry talked about.)  This is for a student that either knows how to hack web pages or is a good at self learning.

A succesful project would probably be used not only by me, but become a sourceforge hit!  

page author: Joanna Bryson
last updated: 20 February 2003