Staff Talk Schedule for CM50175
Research Project Preparation   2007

Thursday,  1W 2.5
Friday,  5W 2.1

9:35  (9:55)
11:35   (11:55)
  1 February

A. Guglielmi

  2 February

J. Davenport
R. Bradford
  8 February
P. Hall
J. Padget

  9 February

M. De Vos*
J. Bryson++
15 February
J. Collomosse
P. Willis

16 February

N. Vorobjov

22 February
C. Willis & D. Paddon
A. Barry*
23 February

* indicates flexible about date and  time (but not day of the week!)
** flexible about time within hour
+ indicates flexible about date, (but not day or time!)
++ indicates flexible about everything.
! indicates would have preferred another day but kindly took the last slot


2005 projects are highlighted in green like this.   2006 is in purple like this.  I will replace these if I get more information.  If anyone can provide a list of projects from any seminars I miss, please email me.


Comp Sci

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last updated: 16 February 2007