2005/2006 Undergraduate Projects

Dr Joanna Bryson

E-mail: J.J.Bryson@bath.ac.uk

General Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Natural Intelligence, Artificial Life, AI Development Methodologies.

Samples of Specific Interests:  Modular models of animal intelligence, the evolution of social behaviour, intelligent environments, tutoring systems, VR characters, autonomous robots, multi-agent models of political systems.

This year again, staff were asked to come up with sketchy project ideas very early, to see the ones I submitted look here.   In the old days, we had to provide longer descriptions which included links to related papers, and we still do this for MSc projects.  So, if you would like to see more information than just those little sketches, you might want to look at some of the previous year's projects pages, particularly the 2005 MSc projects.

8 July 2005