Last updated:  December 2013; retired:  October 2014

Old, Open-Plan Bath Contact


My email is  (given we all have spam filters these days, surely hiding email addresses is passé.) 

If you are an undergraduate or otherwise unused to emailing academics, you might want to read these helpful tips about how to email a professor first.

Surface mail

Please send all surface mail to my department's postal address.  Anything more creative, direct or sensible (like mentioning my "office" in the East Building) is unlikely to work. 

A semi-surface alternate that also winds up in the department office is fax:  +44 (0)1225 383493.


My office phone is +44 (if you are abroad) or 0 (if you are not) 1225 38 39 34.  However, I really prefer to be emailed.   If I am in my office, I'm probably having a meeting with someone, and sometimes I go away for a long time and don't check messages.    The only thing better than email is a face-to-face meeting...

Face-to-face meetings

Finding me

From 2011 until at least 2014, the Computer Science staff is "temporarily" in open plan offices, so students and visitors are no longer allowed to visit us at our desks, browse our books, co-develop ideas with us on our whiteboards, or do anything honestly academic like that*.  Instead, you have to go to computer science reception (carefully not bothering the only two administrators still left to us there) and phone us from the phone on the desk.  This is probably a bad idea unless you have already made an appointment with me, since I can't actually concentrate in open plan and am seldom there.
*After complaints from my more experienced personal tutees, I have managed to balance some of my dinosaurs near the window of the staff office, so you can at least look at them even if you can't play with them anymore.

Scheduling an appointment

During term (and sometimes out of term) I schedule regular appointments you can book an appointment slot.  If you need to see me before my next available slot, please email me. If it's very urgent, the Computer Science office, my PhD Students and my "real" (non limited-profile) Facebook friends all have access to my mobile phone number (Facebook: look under "about" on my profile page).

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