Last Modified 19 May 2008

jyPOSH Installation Instructions

jyPOSH is a version of POSH that runs in Jython. It also runs in Python, but the GUI and MASON use Java, so if you want to use those (which we assume here), you need to run jyPOSH in Jython. Below are the installation instructions on how to perform a plain jyPOSH install without an IDE. Further down are instructions on how to set up the Eclipse IDE to modify/write POSH plans and behaviours.

Installation Instructions:

Using Eclipse to develop/run jyPOSH

The Eclipse IDE is a universal toolset for developments. The instructions below explain how to install Eclipse, and how to use the Python Development Environment for Eclipse to run/develop jyPOSH plans and behaviours.

Note that these instructions have been modified since May 2007 to now use the Python Development Environment rather than the Jython Development Toolkit, as it seems to support different platforms better.

Installation Instructions:

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