Page last modified 2 September 2008
UT Behavior Library last modified 11 November 2007;
Level File Last Modified 9 August 2005
UT library last verified with current jyPOSH 22 April 2008
Note: as of April 2008 this library is running with SPOSH. Scheduled jyPOSH is currently deprecated.

picture of BOD/UT running


Behavior Oriented Design (BOD) is a way to develop AI systems.  It requires a modular behavior library in any OO language, and a version of POSH action selection for that language.   jyPOSH is a version of POSH that runs in python and jython.  Unreal Tournament is a commercial game that you can buy quite cheaply on ebay, since it's a bit old now.

This web page get you running in pyPOSH using our Unreal Tournament behavior library.  (Note the screenshot is from a Windows system using UT patch 436.)

Installing pyPOSH Unreal Tournament

Here's what you need to download:
Here's what you need to do to run things:


page author: Joanna Bryson