Old Web Pages

How do I find time to put so much junk on the web?  Well, in 1994 my then-advisor / boss Rod Brooks told his group that since the US tax payers paid for our research, we were obligated to get our research out where they can see it.  The web was just starting to crop up, and he was all over it.  I wrote my first web page by copying the HTML code from Matt Marjonovic's page at the time.

Since then, whenever I do anything I suspect might be useful or interesting I try to make time to stick it on my web page.  Similarly, whenever I run into something I don't want to forget, I link to it.

Anyway, I have no idea if this is interesting to anyone else, but I've stumbled across a couple of my old web pages in weird corners of the web, and found it vaguely interesting to see what had changed (and what hadn't).   Here they are: