Some people have the strange notion that Will is younger than me. The truth is, he just hides his age well.

Will in the 1930's

Will, King
George, Queen and Princess Elizabeths, Princess Margaret and some
other people. Although Will is currently somewhat cynical about royalty, in the 1930's he was moved by the plight of his monarchs when then-king Edward VIII abdicated the throne, throwing Edward's younger brother and his family into the limelight. Here Will stands supportively behind the newly-crowned King George VI.

Will in the 1980's

Will doing the
pop thing as Rick Astley After ducking the limelight for about 50 years, Will grew bored and, inspired by the Flock of Seagulls, decided to go new wave. He took on the pseudonym Rick Astley.

He never stopped looking right.