Last update:  March 2020

Contact details


Given we all have spam filters these days, surely hiding email addresses is pass├ę.  And yet...

Please don't email me at University of Bath. I won't read it. They moved to Microsoft exchange and stopped supporting POP or IMAP, so I could no longer keep my email at Bath and read it with pine -- that was back in about 2016 or so, despite tons of complaints. Then in 2020 they stopped allowing automated forwarding, which was how I got it read from the far more efficient in terms of key strokes, and better spam filtered. Gmail. So I just don't read it at all.

Also, please don't email me at Princeton because I don't know when that email will just die. If you email me at Hertie School, I will see it at some point, though there too I haven't yet worked out how to get it out of outlook, so I really wish you wouldn't.

If you want to make an email unambiguously to me (which I would prefer, rather than have my correspondence possibly wind up either viewed as owned by, or identified as "junk" by, some academic institution) please use This presently gets forwarded to gmail, but maybe I'll figure out something better someday.

If you are an undergraduate or otherwise unused to emailing academics, you might want to read these helpful tips about how to email a professor first. Please note that I'm that I'm often travelling and usually behind in work, so I try to check email no more than once a day.

Surface mail

Prof. J. J. Bryson
Hertie School of Governance
Friedrichstra├če 180
10117 Berlin, Germany


My Hertie office phone is +49 (if you are abroad) or 0 (if you are not) 30 259 219 218.  Note that but you can't leave messages.  Well, you can. You could try to do this by calling my Faculty Assistant, see my Hertie School Webpage. My USA work number is +1 (609) 285 3596, and my USA messages (including texts) get emailed to me (even when I'm abroad), with really amusingly bad transcriptions, so by all means leave a message there. Also, it only rings when I think I'm working, so you won't wake me up even if I have that SIM in, don't worry.  However, I really prefer to be emailed.  The only thing better than email is a face-to-face meeting...

Face-to-face meetings

Finding me in space

I once again have an office! 3.20.1 *. Instructions for doing so: 
If you have an appointment, please do knock on my door at the appointed time. I often do appointments in clusters, and often get engrossed in talking to people.  Also, many people forget their appointments.  So I won't come looking for you or notice you're there if you don't knock!  However, please do make an appointment so you don't waste your time looking for me when I'm not there. 
Please don't interrupt me without an appointment though, unless it feels like it might be urgent.  But the point of office hours is not only to be sure you don't waste your time coming by when I'm not there, but also to let me concentrate during other hours.
*Old version of this page with my thoughts on Bath's 3.7-year open-plan experience.

Otherwise finding me in real time

I am nearly always logged in to google mail / hangouts, as joanna.j.  I prefer chatting there over using skype.  I also normally respond pretty well if you reference @j2bryson on twitter, though unfortunately now that twitter allows people to reply to 30 tweeps at a time some messages get lost in the dreck, so you may have to try two days in a row.

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