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Control State Only

This plan is in the notation introduced earlier, except that words that reference parts of control state rather than primitives are in bold face. Assume that the `walk' primitives take some time (say 5 seconds) and move the insect a couple of centimeters on the diagram. Also, assume turning traces an arc rather than happening in place. This is about the simplest program that can be written using entirely control state:

\mbox{{\bf walk} } \Rightarrow
\left\langle \b...
...x{ walk-straight}\nonumber
\end{array} \right\rangle \right.

$\displaystyle \mbox{{\bf avoid-obstacle-left} } \Rightarrow
\langle \mbox{walk backwards} \rightarrow \mbox{walk right} \rightarrow
\mbox{walk left} \rangle$     (2)
$\displaystyle \mbox{{\bf avoid-obstacle-right} } \Rightarrow
\langle \mbox{walk backwards} \rightarrow \mbox{walk left} \rightarrow
\mbox{walk right} \rangle$     (3)

Joanna J. Bryson 2005-07-08