Page last Updated 11 November 2007.
Code last updated 24 April 2008
Note: as of April 2008 this library is running with SPOSH. Scheduled jyPOSH is currently deprecated.


BOD MASON running the sheepdog demo

Behavior Oriented Design (BOD) is a way to develop AI systems.  It requires a modular behavior library in any OO language, and a version of POSH action selection for that language.   jyPOSH is a version of POSH that runs in python and jython.  MASON is an agent-based modelling simulation toolkit.  It builds an environment for you and lets you spawn lots of agents and then keep track of what they do.

BOD MASON allows you to use BOD to create complicated agents relatively easily in MASON.  It not only gives you POSH action selection to simplify the coordination of your agents, but also it allows you to code your agents in python rather than Java (the language MASON is written in), which makes writing code faster and easier.

We currently distribute with jyPOSH the latest version of MASON we support, so all you need to do is follow the jyPOSH installation instructions.

To run the program you need to type: jython from a command line to start up the GUI.  In case you aren't used to running Java from a command line, here are some instructions per OS:

Now you should be ready to run the sheep & dog demo.  Here's how to get started:

If you are serious about developing in the BOD/MASON environment, then you probably want to do it on top of a decent python IDE. 
We recommend using eclipse (it's what we use so it's easier for us to support). 
There is an academic paper about how we integrated agent-centric real-time action selection into a synchronous, multi-agent platform:  Joanna J. Bryson, Tristan J. Caulfield and Jan Drugowitsch, ``Integrating Life-Like Action Selection into Cycle-Based Agent Simulation Environments'', in Proceedings of Agent 2005: Generative Social Processes, Models, and Mechanisms, Michael North, David L. Sallach and Charles Macal eds., pp. 67-81, Argonne National Laboratory 2006.

For even more information, see the POSH and BOD pages.  


page author: Joanna Bryson with Tristan Caulfield