last updated: 1 March 2007

CM50175 -- Research Project Preparation

This course has two objectives:
  1. To teach you about both doing and writing up a major project in Computer Science & Multi-Media Technology.
  2. To give you a head start on your MSc dissertation, including helping you find a supervisor and a topic.
Notice that there is also an HCI MSc, but they don't attend this course, and their projects are listed elsewhere.

Useful information:

Waiting to hear about project allocation

We expect to hear about project allocation on about 5 March.  Certainly you should know early next week, and as soon as you do know you need to:
  1. schedule an appointment with a supervisor,
  2. agree a project topic,
  3. get your initial hints for your literature review.
For the mandatory seminars, the second one involves knowing (hopefully, worst-case guessing!) your project area.

page author: Joanna Bryson