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Research Related to Modular Artifical Intelligence, Action Selection, Cognitive Systems, Cultural Evolution and Modelling Natural Intelligence.

This is work related to my own research. Some of these projects are discussed in my publications, while others I've just stumbled across and haven't really had a chance to look at. I try to keep this list fairly interesting and up-to-date. Please mail me if you know of anything else I should add on.   Note this is very incomplete, but at least it's a starting point.

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Systems AI, `New' AI, Behavior Based (BB) AI and Cognitive Systems More Generally

I do Systems AI research. That is, I am less interested in individual algorithms e.g. for learning or planning and more interested in how to put together a complete system. No one algorithm can overcome combinatorial complexity. That's why brains don't have homogenous structures. In my 2001 PhD dissertation I argued that New and BBAI advanced the field because they emphasised maintainable design.

Simulations, Games and Agent-Based Modelling tools

No, simulations aren't evil

Other AI Architectures

Note: `Cognitive archictures' are now under Modelling Nature, not here.

Natural Intelligence:  Cultural Evolution & Memetics

I'm interested in where intelligent behaviour comes from.  How much work is done by the individual, how much by genetic evolution, and how much by cultural evolution.  This area is exploding right now and so its impossible to keep these all up-to-date, but here's a few links anyway...

Other Natural Intelligence

I'm also interested in other more conventional topics of natural intelligence:

Modelling Nature

Unfortunately, many of these only point to papers about the models, not the models themselves.  I feel strongly that programs are like data, and should be archived with their associated publications and freely available to anyone who asks.  The AmonI software page has links to our code, and my publications page makes links to it too.

Other Thought

Fun (Robots!)

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